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WAKE UP ALREADY, you been sleeping for way too long

YOU are being lied to. The United States government is destroying their own people.
And, this applies to the world at large not only America. Your water and toothpaste is loaded with Fluoride. What you consume is Genetically Modified loaded with Aspartame, Trisodium Phosphate, Hormones, Steroids along with many other toxic chemicals. Your deodorant has Aluminum which causes Breast Cancer and alzheimer’s. They are spraying the sky with Chemtrails, and you just sit there worrying about your favorite team winning, TV shows, new sneakers and new gadgets, meanwhile the Government and Pharmaceutical Companies are making over $300 billion off of cancer alone a year. They cause people to be constantly sexually active, sick and with an aggressive behaviour and ect. You are being kept fat, stupid, lazy and ignorant. They Brainwash grown Men, Women and Children with Cartoons, Movies, Music, Sports, Religion, Fashion, Politics and Video Games, basically the entire entertainment industry, ILLUMINATI, “Robbing YOU of your time”, THEY ENTERTAIN easter (BUNNIES DON’T LAY EGGS) and the next day is april fools. My goodness, do you not see the pattern all year long? YOU lie to your children then have the nerves to get upset when they lie right back to you. YOU have all the time in the world to celebrate stupidity, but not to EDUCATE yourself. On top of you celebrating it, you don’t even know the origin of it. YOU never speak to your children about Yah (God), Salvation or Repentance and don’t even take the time to teach them how to pray, but you’re quick to drill your worthless traditions and religion in their heads, then, when they get rebellious on you, you’re quick to kick them out the house causing them to get in deeper things. You’ve spent all your life celebrating the same crap over and over again not realizing that the system was design to keep you in debt. Keeping you in debt is the modern day slavery if you haven’t noticed. You live paycheck to paycheck, your social security is your slave number. Reprogram your brain or your government will continue programming it for you. YOUR COUNTRY IS FINISH, WAKE UP ALREADY you been sleeping for way too long.
This applies to the world at large not only America !